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Five Tips for Great Outdoor Audio


5 Ways to Deliver Great Outdoor SoundEvery November, the popular IAAPA Expo showcases products and ideas for themed entertainment. SoundTube will be there with products developed specifically for outdoor use. Here are 5 ways you can amp up your sound for displays, rides and themed spaces outdoors.

Use line arrays to cover large spaces 

Columnar line arrays bring music and paging to spaces such as large ride loading areas, open spaces between venues or performance stages. SoundTube’s new XT-Spyke line array is a great choice for broad, long-throw speaker requirements. Designed for outdoor use, this columnar array provides a coverage pattern of 50° vertical and 120° horizontal, with power handling up to 200 watts. The XT-Spyke is fully weatherproof and offers wall, pole and “spike” mounting options.

Use in-ground, omnidirectional speakers for walkways and garden areas 

SoundTube’s XT550 and XT850 in-ground speakers are a fixture at theme parks worldwide. Their sonic quality and rugged construction make them ideal for maintaining the excitement of the venue from
attraction to attraction. Like other outdoor-focused SoundTube speakers, these products have been maximized for superior performance in open spaces, which have a completely different set of acoustical requirements from indoor venues.

Go small for evenly distributed sound around attractions 

Placing a larger number of smaller speakers in a venue can give you consistent sonic quality without ‘blaring’ or drop-outs. SoundTube speakers are available in sizes as small as 3″, allowing you to easily
conceal speakers to fit within a themed venue. Our SM31-EZ mounts easily to walls or posts, while our in-wall and in-ceiling 3″ models are ideal for patios and balconies. We even have a 3″ pendant, ideal for
food ordering areas. IP54 and IP64 ratings on our 3″ speakers ensure consistent performance, even in dusty or wet conditions. Speakers and grilles are paintable to make them blend in even more with your installation.

Hide speakers in plain sight 

SoundTube will feature two products from our sister company Rockustics at IAAPA. The original ‘rock speaker’ company, Rockustics has been manufacturing great sounding and highly realistic looking
speakers for nearly 30 years. We’ll show two new models, the XT-SurroundStone, an omni speaker, and the XT-PowerRock, designed for long throw and high intelligibility. These speakers are designed for 70V
applications (with transformer bypass) and are essentially ‘invisible’ when placed in garden areas or near other rocks due to their natural appearance. Rockustics can do custom speakers as well, bringing audio to rock or brick walls.

Use water-resistant speakers in wet areas 

Need extreme weather resistance? We have it! Heavy rain and waterpark splashing are all in a day’s work for SoundTube’s -WX(Weather eXtreme) models. These surface-mount speakers are designed with weatherproof hardware and grilles that have been lined with a special hydrophobic material that keeps water out without affecting sonic quality.

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