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Phase Technology Expands In-Wall Speaker Line

The CI120 features 5.25” RPF woofers with NBR surrounds; a 1.5” soft dome midrange and a 1” soft dome tweeter; the CI130 incorporates 6.5” RPF woofers with NBR surrounds as well as a 1.5” soft dome midrange and 1” soft dome tweeter. Both models have integrated back boxes, and may be installed in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The tweeter and midrange assemblies can be rotated 90’ to keep the dispersion pattern the same in either orientation. The midrange and high frequency drivers are surrounded with Unicell® acoustic treatment, allowing these drivers to create precise imaging without interacting adversely with the wall in which the speaker is installed. Additionally, both models use Phase Technology’s patented Positive Clamping System to prevent transfer of low frequency vibrations from the speaker to the wall.

“These speakers nicely expand our CI line, adding 3-way high-end in-walls that perfectly match our Premier Collection speakers,” said Ken Hecht, MSE Audio VP of R&D. “Using the same woofers and midrange/tweeter assembly as our PC series these new CI speakers can be used alone or as part of a PC Series home theater.”

MSE Audio