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Phase Technology Re-Defines Entry Level Flush-Mount Speakers

Overland Park, Kansas – Phase Technology®, a leading USA speaker brand, has unveiled a new design for the company’s CS line of flush-mount speakers.

The re-engineered CS-6R, CS-6DVT and CS-8R, PhaseTech’s entry-level in-ceiling speakers, now incorporate features commonly seen in premium-priced speakers: polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds; swiveling dome tweeters; a true high-pass/low-pass crossover; high-quality binding posts for audio connections and magnetic grilles. The speakers’ microflange grilles are some of the thinnest on the market, with a bezel that is nearly invisible. Grilles are paintable to blend in with the ceiling.

The CS-6R has a 6.5” coaxial woofer and ¾” pivoting dome tweeter; the dual voice coil CS-6DVT also has a 6.5” coaxial woofer with two ¾” pivoting dome tweeters; the CS-8R has an 8” coaxial woofer with ¾” pivoting dome tweeter. All three speakers have sensitivity of 87 dB. The CS-6 models feature a frequency response of 55 Hz-20 kHz and 8 ohm input impedance, while the CS-8R achieves a 48 Hz-20 kHz response.

“These speakers offer smoother sound with a quality rivaling that of many companies’ premium architectural speakers,” said Ken Hecht, MSE Audio VP of R&D. “The features we have designed into these speakers give integrators a no-compromise entry-level product.”

MSE Audio