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Phase Technology Releases 3-Channel Mini Amp

Overland Park, Kansas – Phase Technology®, a leading USA speaker brand, has announced the availability of the P3-35, a versatile 3-channel mini amplifier.

The P3-35 provides 3 channels at 35 watts (8 ohms) or 2 channels at 50 watts (8 ohms). It includes both optical and analog inputs, enabling direct connection from most TVs or monitors, and also accepts signals via Bluetooth® enabled devices. The amplifier may be controlled via RS232 and offers IR learning, allowing volume and mute control from a TV remote. Other features include a line level subwoofer output and Dolby Digital® decoding. The P3-35 measures 8” x 4” x 1.125”. The P3-35 retails for $350 US.

“This versatile little amp is perfect for passive, full-range soundbars or LCR’s, such as the new PhaseTech Teatro thin series of wall mounted speakers,” said Ken Hecht, MSE Audio VP of R&D. “The P3-35 amp, which is small enough to fit behind a wall mounted TV, can be connected to the optical output and seamlessly take the place of the TV speakers via the Teatro products.”

MSE Audio