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SoundTube 31 Series Speakers Achieve Key Rating

We have been saying all along that the SM31-EZ is a great outdoor speaker, and our other 31 Series
speakers (pendant, in-ceiling and in-wall models) are suitable for outdoor use as well. To prove it, we
recently sent the entire 31 Series line-up in for IP testing. This is a certification that is used in Europe
extensively, but we are seeing more requests for IP ratings in the states as well.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and is a measure of a speaker’s ability to withstand particulate and
water exposure. The IP rating consists of two numbers. The first one ranges from 0 to 6 and signifies the
level of particle protection (primarily dust); the second number ranges from 0-9 and is for water
protection. Test specimens are subjected to two sets of testing. For the particle ingress testing, the units
are placed in a sealed chamber and then a heavy concentration of very fine dust is introduced and
swirled around to see if it gets into the enclosure. The water ingress testing is similar, but the water is
sprayed from a shower head nozzle onto the test specimen from all angles. For both tests, the sample is
removed from the chamber after the test period and examined for ingress inside the enclosure.

The good news is that the RS31-EZ and the SM31-EZ both passed testing at an IP64 level – which means
there was no dust ingress in the speaker enclosure and these both can withstand water spray and
splashes from all directions at low pressure levels. The CM31-EZ and the IW31-EZ both passed the IP54
tests meaning there was limited dust ingress, but not enough to affect the speaker’s performance – and
they had the same level of water protection as the RS and SM31 models.

We are very pleased to have this official certification confirming that our 31-EZ series speakers will
continue to perform well in outdoor applications. SoundTube is committed to providing great audio
solutions for all of your everyday needs and this is just another example of this on-going commitment.

MSE Audio