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Induction Dynamics

Audio Perfection Realized

Induction Dynamics® owns and operates a state-of-the-art woodworking, painting and finishing plant in Kansas, which assures the highest level of quality control throughout the numerous cabinet manufacturing and assembly processes. All raw materials used in constructing the speaker cabinets are the finest available and supplied by carefully chosen vendors.

Induction Dynamics’ engineers, artisans, and technicians have a passion for high-fidelity perfection. Never satisfied with the status quo, they are continuously developing patented technologies to improve construction, performance, and ease of installation. All Induction Dynamics models utilize the patented S4X® crossovers which produce the industry’s steepest crossover slopes in excess of 30 dB per octave allowing for more precise and natural sound reproduction.

Induction Dynamics’ speakers are handmade, hand-assembled, and hand-tuned in America.Visit Website