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Sales Directors

Michael Sipe

Vice President of US Sales

Southern States


Jonathan Duran

Sales Director

Northern States


Inside Sales

Randy Gibbs

Northeast and Southern States


Gary Looney

Sales Director

Residential US


Laura Waldon

Sales Director



David Dranginis

Northwest and Northern States


Take a look at what our Customer Relations team has to say about Customer Service

What do you think sets us apart from other companies customer service?

We truly care about our customers' experience and have empowered our staff to be able to solve our customers’ problems. It starts the moment someone calls our office; a real live person will answer the phone that actually has the ability to take care of our customers’ needs. There's nothing more annoying than being told by a customer service rep that they aren't the ones that can help you and you end up on hold or getting bounced around or told that any solutions to fixing your issue need management approval. We believe in enabling our staff to makes decisions in real-time to help our customers immediately. We also recognize that each customer has unique needs and we take care to bring a personal touch to each account, if a customer has specific needs we can accommodate them.

What does good customer service mean to you?

It means truly listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and being able to quickly offer solutions. Most people think of customer service only when the customer has already had a problem, but, by listening to our customers and tailoring our service to their specific needs we are able to offer seamless service for each customer. We believe that every interaction with a customer is part of the overall customer service experience, so whether they are dealing with a sales manager or engineer, customer service rep or accountant we strive to make the customers experience as smooth as possible. MSE is also unique in that we promote from within, so nearly every department in the company has people working in it that started out in customer service so they truly understand the value of our customers.

How would you describe MSE Audio?

We are a solutions-based company that specializes in solving problems. Whether you’re an audiophile, an integrator, a large distributor, or a small mom and pop shop we have a solution to fit your audio needs.

Why would someone choose our customer service over others?

We have a proven track record of providing the best, award-winning service for our customers for over 60 years.

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