MAP Policies

Using the Website as a Price Sheet

To ensure our reps and resellers have the most accurate pricing, we invite you to use the website as a resource and official price sheet. When you create an account on the website and notify customer service of your new account, you will gain access to special pricing. Without creating an account and notifying customer service, or when not logged in, you will only see MAP/MSRP prices.

Please also note: There is a “Sale” category which is only comprised of SKUs we have made the decision to discontinue. When a product has a “sale” price listed, that is the new, discontinued MAP price. MSE Audio will never list a SKU on our site for less than MAP.

We will continue to send PDF and Excel price sheets on a semi-annual basis, but we encourage you to use the website as your price sheet because it will always be the most up-to-date resource.

MAP - Minimum Advertised Price

MSE Audio publishes MAP prices to the public. MSE Audio authorizes resellers to list MSE Audio products on online marketplaces (ie., Amazon) and on their own e-commerce websites only at MAP.

Listing a product for sale online at a price lower than MAP is not permitted. Authorized resellers may establish temporary sales on their own websites which may result in a lower-than-MAP check out price, but the sale may not be exclusive to MSE Audio products. For example, a site-wide sale of 10% off that includes MSE Audio products is acceptable, but a sale advertised as 10% off Rockustics products only is not acceptable. If a product is being sold at less than MAP by an authorized reseller, we will put the reseller on notice and have them correct the pricing.

We cannot control what unauthorized resellers post on the internet. If the reseller is unauthorized, we will issue a cease and desist to the offender, but in the end we cannot control it completely and many folks will not respond to our requests for pricing to be changed/taken down. Anyone who buys from an unauthorized reseller will not enjoy the benefits received when purchasing from an authorized reseller, including warranty and other services.

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Vice President of US Sales

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