Model Homes in New Residential Developments

We want to be your go-to manufacturer when you've landed a model home installation - take 15% off your pricing to outfit the home.

MSE Audio speakers sell themselves when installed in model homes. With the newfound abundance of developments touting "smart homes", home buyers expect to have the chance to experience whole home integration and quality audio in the model home environment. With the option to add a sound system on to a home price in the development stage, dealers have an unprecedented opportunity to let the speakers sell themselves.

Dealer Showrooms and Demo Rooms

We love when our dealers put MSE Audio products in their showrooms, so we offer 10% or more off your pricing to outfit the installation.

MSE Audio speakers' sleek designs and audiophile sound are best displayed in the dealer's show and demo rooms, where they can sell themselves. When clients have the option to experience the speakers in person before purchasing, sales increase dramatically. Our dealers have exceptional success investing in show rooms, and so will you with and extra 10% or more off your price.

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