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Ultra Fidelity Outdoor Speakers

Hand-crafted in the USA, all Rockustics® products are comprised of advanced polymer composite materials supplemented with an elastomer compound. Marble dust, and texturizing agents give Rockustics’ products commercial-grade durability and a realistic look and feel.

Rockustics’ speakers are fully weatherproof. The color will not fade, but will age naturally just like a real rock. From small backyards and patios to outdoor venues, Rockustics’ speakers will ensure you can “Rock On!” all year long. Everyone will appreciate the superior sound quality that is a result of demanding design specifications. This is achieved through a combination of precision engineered crossovers and components, as well as non-parallel enclosure walls that minimize undesirable resonances.The wide range of models and the standard collection of colors complement the most popular landscaping features found in residential and commercial environments.Visit Website

For unique landscapes, Rockustics will customize any number of units to ensure these cutting edge products will blend seamlessly into any environment.